Is the Best Dog Food Crucial Important For a Dog Owner?

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Do You Know What Is The Best Dog Food In The Market?

All you should know before choosing the food for your dog!

Choosing the best dog food is of crucial importance for a dog owner. Everyone wishes to keep his dog healthy and playful. A healthy and well balanced nutritious food is the thing to make that possible. It will ensure a healthy immune system, silky and shiny hair coat and overall a lively and active dog all day long. But, it is very challenging and overwhelming as there is a wide array of choices are available in the market. To determine the best dog food, first, we should know about the criteria of best dog food.

Do you know what the best dog food is:

As the good health of a dog largely depends on healthy dog food, it remains the top concern for a dog owner. That’s why, what is the best food to feed a dog- is perhaps the most frequently asked question. But there is no static answer to this question as every dog is unique and their health condition, taste bud, and their preferences are also different. But we can look for some nutritious value in healthy dog food. In any healthy dog food, meat is the main ingredient. But there are some other nutritious items like grains, fruits or vegetables also which should be present in your dog’s meal. These items fulfill the lack of vitamin, mineral, and fiber. These also improve your dog’s immune system.

Varieties of dog food:

The healthy and nutritious dog food helps the dog remain fit internally and joyful all day long. Here is a breakdown of various sorts of dog food available in the market-

Dry dog food:

Dry dog foods are perhaps the most preferred item among the dog owners. This is also known as kibble and produced on a large scale by different manufacturers. That’s because this dry dog food fulfills most of the nutrition call of a dog and the most affordable option. Another benefit of dry dog food is it doesn’t require freezing and lasts for a long time at room temperature.

Dry food helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy as chewing crunchy dry food controls the residue development. If you want some specific ingredient in your dog’s food, choose such a brand that uses that element as their primary ingredient.

Wet dog food:

Wet dog food is generally used if the dog has some health issues like problematic immune systems or dehydration. You will easily find this type of dog food in superstores as canned but it is pretty much costlier than dry food. As it doesn’t remain fresh for long once it is unpacked, it must be kept in the electric refrigerator.

The wet or canned food contains fresher ingredients, hence dogs love this. But while choosing wet dog food, you must check how much digestible protein it contains as much of wet food contains as much as 75% of water. And more amount of water means less amount of nutrients.

Therefore if you need to give wet food to your dog, you should go with the one that claims to be 100% nutritionally complete.

Grain-free dog food:

Grain-free dog foods are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Though some whole grains are also acceptable, alternative grains are healthier for many reasons. Studies show that the ingredients used as dog food fillers are dangerous for a dog’s immune systems and breeding. That’s why foods free from wheat, corn, soy or other grains are preferable to maintain puppy’s health.

There is not any rigid rule about dog food specification. You will have to decide the most effective food for your dog based on its age, stage of life, breed, sensitivity to particular foods or allergies. Though there is no universal brand that suits each kind of dog, a little bit of analysis will make the process of finding the best dog food easier. You can consult a veterinarian to make a more confident choice.

Raw dog food:

The raw dog food means the ingredients will be uncooked or fresh. A raw diet consists of raw meat, mostly with some raw bones and other organs. Raw food is also beneficial for dog health like bones are the most common natural source of phosphorus and calcium.

As dogs have short abdominal tracts and strong stomach acid, they can easily consume and digest raw foods. But before giving your dog raw food, consult with a veterinarian if there is any chance to hamper your dog’s health.

What dogs are meant to eat for good health:

To choose the best dog food for your dog, first, you will have to understand which ingredients are essential for your dog’s health. There are three main nutrients a healthy dog food should contain. These are protein, fat, and carbohydrate. The necessary amount of these nutrients depends on your dog’s age, breed, and activity. These nutrients serve different purposes like-

Protein: Proteins are important both for puppies and older dogs. Meat is the most common source of protein in a dog’s meal.

Fat: Fat is the thing that produces most of the energy in a dog’s body. It produces almost twice of energy compared to carbohydrates and protein.

Carbohydrate: Carbohydrate is also important for dogs, especially the healthier ones. Grains like soya, wheat provides carbohydrates. Along with these, fruits and vegetables provide other essential nutrients for your dog.

Water: Water is the most important to remain healthy and active as 60-70% of a dog’s total weight consist of water. Dog’s water needs to be clean and free from harmful chemicals.

What can you feed your dog:

While searching for the best dog food available in the market, we have narrowed down to 3 main categories. Which are:

» Commercial Dog Food: Commercial dog food is by far the most common and popular source of dog food among US dog owners. Its affordability and availability is the reason for being so popular. This category of food is available in three forms- dry, semi-dry and wet. Most of the renowned dog food brands like Diamond Dog Food, Pedigree, Iams and Science Diet-all belong to this group.

» Raw Dog Food: Raw dog food is gaining popularity with passing time. It has both positive and negative impacts on your dog’s health. While raw bones provide nutrition for dogs, they can spread bacterial and fungal infections too. So, better to get a suggestion from a veterinarian first. BARF and Steve’s Real Food is the well-known brand of this category that claims to supply a 100% natural diet for a dog.

» Homemade Dog Food: Homemade dog food is the most reliable source if you can manage. If you make the meal for your dog on your own, it will be far fresher and nutrition enriched. This option is quite economical also. In this way, you can also add or cut specific nutrition as per your dog’s need.

Therefore, the homemade option is the best possible option and conscious dog owners are gradually opting for this.

Where I can purchase the best dog food:

Where can I get the best dog food? – is perhaps the topmost concern for any dog owner. Well, as FDA standardizes all commercial pet foods, you can rely on this option. You will get commercial dog foods in pet food supplying stores. There are many online retailers nowadays to ease your shopping hassle. Or, you can purchase directly from manufacturers. When you wish to purchase a good amount at a time, this option would be the best as you are getting at a cheaper rate here.

All in all, the best dog food is not something static, it may vary on some criteria like what do you prefer- dry kibble or canned food. Are you thinking about feeding a new puppy or is it an adult dog?

After these, also consider your dog’s preference. With all these aspects in mind, select the dog food that suits your situation, your dog’s taste bud, and overall health.

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